About Us


After being a Bonsai enthusiast for many years and always having had an interest in ceramics I decided to try and make a pot for a specific tree.

This was a success and inspired me to carry on.

This was about 16 years ago. 

I spent the next few years making pots for myself and  club members and have had stands at various shows including Bonsai World 2016.

These experiences have shown there is a market for my ceramics and although I will continue to do shows mainly in the south of England this website seemed an obvious means for people to view and purchase my work.

All my pots are individually hand made, no moulds or slipcasting methods are used.

Each pot is unique and is either glazed with one of my own glazes or finished with an oxide depending on the look required.

All my glazes are unique to me having been developed over 15 years.
I use different methods to apply the various finishes to my pots.

i am inspired by the colours and textures of natural objects.

All my pots are fired to 1250  centigrade and are frost proof.

Commissions undertaken please phone or email. Unfortunately due to kiln size I can't make anything larger than 15.5 inches long.

Prussia, Michigan 12/5/2014